Sunday, May 23, 2010

Yard Day

On Day Two of my weekend, I slept late, relaxed all day, and then used the cooler evening hours to get some yard work done.  My neighbor, the still-to-be-named Gopher Tortoise, was trying to politely tell me that my yard needed attention.  She was out there this afternoon trying to trim things back a bit on her own.

While I was outside, sitting perfectly still to photograph the Tortoise, a flock of Turkeys snuck up behind me.  They moved through the yard and pecked around a bit.  They didn't stay long, they were apparently appalled by the unkempt tall grass.

To appease the wildlife, I finally went to get the weed eater and the lawn mower once the afternoon sun was gone.  My fiance trimmed up all of the edges and I mowed the yard.  When I was done, I had to leaf blow all of the concrete surfaces, the cars, and myself because of all of the dust that I blew around with the mower.  I may have to mow another four or five times before all of the leaf mess is ground up and gone.  Between the leaf dust and the sand, mowing this lawn is a very messy job.  It was well worth it though.  The yard looks much better, I hope that the wildlife will approve as well.  Take a look at the before and after of the yard.

Front Yard

Back Yard

Thought of the Day #32
I was being a little silly in the blog today.  Of course, the animals don't care about the length of my grass.  The Gopher Tortoise was just feeding, not trying to trim the yard.  Don't worry though, there is still plenty of tall grass at the edges of the yard for the Tortoise.  She had also returned to her burrow long before I started mowing.  Don't forget to place your vote for your favorite Gopher Tortoise name!  Once you select your choice, you can see how everyone else is voting.

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Linda said...

You got turkeys, we got turkeys, does everyone have turkeys?! The ones visiting us today were a hen with her 12 very tiny chicks. Nice photos of your very nice house and tidy yard!