Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Monday

It was nice to have a quiet, rainy day today.  I was able to spend most of the day in the office, just taking care of things that I needed to get to.  I had to take some time in the middle of the day to go to the vet to work out another issue with my dog, but even that ended better than expected.  The day had a nice, slow pace to it and I even got to enjoy the rain storm from the porch in front of the office.

It was quite a show, we even had some thunder.  While in the office, I completed more paperwork for a new hire.  I waded through a big pile of papers that were on my desk.  I printed the photos that I took of all of the staff at the last personnel meeting.  I called to set up an appointment to get an estimate on floor cleaning for two of our buildings.  I called to arrange payment for an exhaust vent cleaning that took place last week.  I placed a uniform order.  I typed up four incident reports from the weekend.  I took some phone calls from visitors.  I prepared some paperwork for two employees who need to complete a training and fill out some forms to get a PIN number to use our fuel cards.
It was a productive Monday, but at a nice pace.  It was a great way to lead into a day off.  My coworker and I are starting our new schedule this week.  I will now have every Tuesday off and every other weekend off.  I already love Tuesdays, this just gives me another reason.

Thought of the Day #38
It was so nice to have a good hard rain today.  It put out anything left smoldering from the last week's prescribed fires.  It wetted down our dirt roads which were becoming dry and dusty.  It knocked down some of the airborne pollen that has been giving everyone trouble.  It also gave the beautiful flowering plants some growing power.  I bet this next week will be colorful.


Lorena said...

Hey, I have Tuesdays off, too! OMG - maybe we could get together some time!

Ranger Amy said...

Oh yeah!! I knew I wanted Tuesday off for a reason!