Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekend Peace

Its nice to have a weekend off again!  After three in a row, I'm glad to not be in the midst of crowds of people.  I spent a peaceful day in the country with friends and got to spend time taking photos.  It was great.  Here is what I found.
I couldn't find a name for this shrub, but the tiny, delicate flowers were impressive to me.  The bush is in my friends' yard, so I don't know if it is native or ornamental.  I didn't see it in either of my flower/shrub field guides, and a quick google search turned up several Florida shrubs with small white flowers, but none like this one.  The groups of white buds were obvious, but I had to look closer to see the ones that had burst into bloom.  The flower was so slight, it was easy to overlook.

In a field of grass, I found this one stalk standing proudly.  The Ladies' Tresses were blooming in a spiral around their solitary stalk.

At the base of a tree, I had to work quickly to catch this quick moving Lubber Nymph.  It will later become a giant, bright colored Lubber Grasshopper.  For now, it is a little more discrete. You may remember seeing another Lubber Nymph in the past with a red stripe instead of yellow.  Their colors vary, but all of these bright colors warn predators that they are toxic.  In case you were planning on snacking on one... it probably wouldn't be a good idea.

I found a beautiful caterpillar that I can't identify.  Its pristine, white fur coat was stunning in the sunlight.  I hope it was hungry.  I found it on an invasive, exotic Wisteria plant.  It didn't see any chew marks in the leaves though.  Eat-up caterpillar, tell all your friends!!

Finally, I was lucky enough to catch a couple of dragonflies.  They are easily, one of my favorite insects.  They are amazing to look at, they don't bother people, and they feed on pests.  What a great bug!

Thought of the Day #33
Thirty three days left!!  I can't believe it!  I started this endeavor on the first day of summer last year.  I am even more surprised that summer isn't officially here yet.  We have already had some hot days over 90 degrees.  Summer seems to have arrived at the park if you take a look around on the weekends.  Looking back on my first post, I think that Day 1 of summer here at Wekiwa will be a little different.

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