Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Weekend Continues

Today was my second day off.  The day was full of errand running and grocery shopping.  It was pretty quiet and uneventful, following the tone for the weekend.  Tomorrow, I will be traveling with some of my coworkers to another park to attend a Volunteer Management Training.  It will be still another day away from the office.  I will have a lot to catch up on, Thursday.  Its nice to have a little variety though.
I didn't take any photos today, so here is a collage of the Scarlet Milkweed.  You have seen its progression very slowly throughout the blog, but here it is, all together.

Thought of the Day #23
Summer is pretty much here.  The official first day of summer is not for another 20 days, but it feels like summer to me.  The temperatures have been high, the afternoon rains frequent.  Hurricane preparedness commercials are frequent as well, and the park has been busy.  The arrival of summer is bringing me back to where I started this blog a year ago.  As the year is nearing completion, I am amazed at the year that its been.  I am looking forward to looking it all over again soon but I am also looking forward to a break.  The blog has been fun, but a lot of extra work.  My camera is beginning to show some signs of exhaustion as well.  I am really looking forward to being able to send it away to Canon for some cleaning and R & R.  The blog will continue in some capacity, but after a little time off.

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