Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back In Business

Today was a productive day. I had two other people at work with me today so after opening procedures, leaf blowing, and paperwork were done we went to Adams Tract. We loaded up the lawnmower on the trailer and headed over. One person was on the Troy mower, one person was on the Adams Tract mower and I did everything that I could do to be productive with one arm. I was pleased with all that I accomplished. I cleaned three restrooms which involved scrubbing the walls, toilets, showers and sinks as well as sweeping the floor. I also used a hand held leaf blower to blow off all of the walkways and pavilions. I was able to collect the garbage with a little help and I coordinated the lawnmower ballet throughout the tract. While its still frustrating to be one-handed, having the cast is a big relief. I can move around with very little pain now that my arm is stabilized. I had time to snap a few pictures while we were there.
I'm not exactly sure what this little guy is. It resembles a dragonfly, but I'm not sure that it is.
The down river view from Adams Tract.
A Spinybacked Orbweaver.
A mowed and beautiful Adams Tract.
We were finished by lunchtime and even stopped to fill the gas cans before returning to Troy for lunch. We got all of the tools put away and the gas cans stored. We checked in with the few visitors that were around and I typed up some information for the official web page for Troy and Ichetucknee. Then I headed home to start my weekend. My day wasn't really over though. Shortly after I got home, my brother came over to help me with yard work around my house. He mowed while I waved a stick around to try to remove all of the spiderwebs around the yard before he found them with his face. When he was done, we tackled some branch trimming and removed a lot of brush from around some trees in the yard. I should have taken before-and-after pictures, but I did get some garden pics!
Lots of Daddylonglegs legs! Did you know that Daddylonglegs are not spiders, but are more closely related to mites. Have you heard the urban legend that Daddylonglegs are extremely venomous but they cannot bite? It isn't true. They have no venom glands.


Jen said...

ugh the spinny backed orb weaver is really ... wierd loooking. It looks more like a character in a Nintendo video game. wild photo.

Ranger Amy said...

I think it is a very cool spider. It does look like those spiny shell guys in the original Super Mario Brothers.