Sunday, September 20, 2009

Trials and Tribulations

It was definitely another challenging day with one arm in a sling. Somethings were easier today because I had figured them out yesterday, however there were new trials awaiting me today. I could not stand to have the walkway covered in leaves for another day. I got out the little hand held leaf blower first thing this morning and tried to find a way to start it. I tried kneeling on it which is something that I have to do to start it normally. It didn't work out that way because I was pulling with a different hand. I tried repositioning in different ways, still couldn't do it. The pull cord got stuck too. I put the blower into the back of the Gator to try to fix the pull cord and I realized that I could pull with the blower wedged in the corner of the Gator bed. Just as I was about to give up, it started! I was able to clear the whole walkway to the spring, but I had to set down the blower to rest my arm from time to time. It was definitely NOT made for a lefty. If I tried to rest the blower on my leg, it would burn me because I was on its hot side. I gave in and left the parking lot covered in leaves. I have someone coming in tomorrow that will be able to use the good blower to clear everything.
People started coming into the park shortly after I was done leaf blowing. I was leading some visitors over to the cabin when another visitor headed my way. The little deer that I blogged about on Wednesday was following closely at his heels. He told me that the deer had startled him because it jumped out of the woods towards him when he got out of his car. I had gotten a call yesterday evening that some visitors had been feeding the deer and it was trying to suckle on people's fingers. I instructed the volunteer that called me to scare the deer off. I was hoping that we would be able to discourage it from trusting humans. Today, it was obvious to me that its just too late for that. As more visitors came in, the deer went from person to person, licking toes and sucking on fingers. I tried to get everyone to refrain from touching it, but at the same time, I didn't want to keep this experience from anyone. After one group of people tried to pick it up for a photo op, I knew that I had to act. I called the FL Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, but they didn't have any biologists on duty and they told me that they would try to reach someone and call me back. After an hour of trying to check in divers while trying to keep my new little sidekick safe, I realized that I had to get the deer away from the main park area because I wasn't going to get a call anytime soon. I led the deer (who I learned loves to eat Morning Glories!) out to the barn area about 1/2 mile from the main park. I tried to put it in a stall to keep it there until FWC could pick it up. It drank some of the water that I gave it and then jumped right out of the stall. Those spindly little legs must have springs in them! At a loss, I decided to have my boyfriend drive over and pick me up in the car so that I could drive away without the little one following me. While I waited the minute or two it took for him to arrive, I found an area next to the barn that was covered in Fritillaries. I assumed that they were laying eggs because they were all over a Passion Flower plant that was already done blooming. I looked down and found a very cool caterpillar who I guessed and later confirmed was a Fritillary also. I will try to get back out there this week to see if I can photograph the eggs.
I had a very busy day of divers and visitors. We had two large dive classes and some larger independent groups as well. I answered the "what did you do to your arm?!" question so many times. If you have any suggestions for an exciting story to tell people when the truth gets boring, please post a comment. The day flew by and I was really glad. Every time I went to the office to try to get my paperwork done quickly and get back out to the park, I just got frustrated. I can't do anything quickly right now. I left the bulk of the paperwork for tomorrow when I can take my time. Fortunately, the little deer never showed up at the main part of the park again. Someone from FWC showed up late in the afternoon, but we couldn't find the baby. The saga may continue.


Jen said...

Amy, how close to your wrist or elbow is the break?
Have Issac put your name tag and pins on the uniform the night before. you should be able to find some elastic shoelaces -just call around
Im not sure how your cast is but you might be able to try this technigue for right handed writting --try putting your pen between your index and middle finger and then your thumb will be underneath itand streaing your pen.
Let me know as soon as you get your cast and I can send an appropriate goody box...
For the parking lot... try using the mower, like the way Dad rakes leaves or the winter he "mowed the driveway" of snow.

Jen said...

...."try putting the pen between your index and middel finger"...letting the pen rest in the valley formed by your two knuckles..."and then your thumb will be beneath it."

Can you turn your camera upside down so the buttons are on the bottom left?

Lorena said...

How did you break your arm?

- I was saving a diver from a shark!
- I was saving a gazelle from a lion!
- I was attacked by a frog!
- My dog fell on me!

Wait, people might actually believe those.

Ooo! How about holding your arm out and screaming, like you didn't know it was broken?

(I'm no help...)

idyllicchick said...

Ranger Amy, how did you break your arm?

"I was feeding the cutest little baby deer, and it was suckling on my fingers, when all of a sudden it jumped up and bit me on the arm with its big ferocious pointy teeth! You should watch out for that little deer!"

Ranger Amy said...

@Jen, I think the break is pretty much right in the middle between my wrist and elbow. I was able to do a little bit of writing with my right hand today, but its painful if I do too much or try to press down on the carbon-copy bank receipts. I did have Isaac put my pins on last night. I can't use the mower either because it is a zero-turn mower which requires two hands!
@Lorena and Idyllicchick, you two crack me up!