Thursday, September 24, 2009


Today was my day off. I didn't do much, but I will still try to entertain you. By request, here is a photo of my big dumb cast. Also enjoy some older photos from another state park that I like, Homosassa Springs. Homosassa is like a zoo for broken animals. Native Florida wildlife that is injured or for some reason can't be released into its natural environment can live here and help to educate park goers. One exception to the "native Florida wildlife" is a very spirited Hippo named Lu. Lu was at Homosassa when it was a privately owned animal attraction park. When the state began managing the park, non-native animals were relocated. The public outcry to keep Lu was so great that the governor of Florida declared Lu to be an honorary Florida citizen so that he could remain in the park. Lu will be celebrating his 50th birthday in January.
May 2007 007
Misc 229
Misc 241
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Anonymous said...

Broken animals... broken arm. Clever connection, Amy. And look how well those animals are now - soon you'll be better, too. Hope each day gets easier! Mom

Linda said...

It is a big cast...but I like the green color. Hope you heal fast!!!

Terry said...

Sorry about the arm, but nice color on the cast. Green.. goes with being a park ranger.