Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Iguana Arm

I wasn't at work today. I went to see another doctor who put a great big cast on my arm. It is a lovely shade of green and runs from my first knuckles, up my arm, around my elbow and stops just short of my armpit. I don't know yet if my uniform shirt will fit over my arm. The cast is very soft and cozy inside and my arm is feeling a lot better now that it is more stable, but I am really not excited about the next 6 weeks!
Here are some photos from my garden today for you to enjoy and we will return to the regularly scheduled blog tomorrow. The first two photos are an American Lady butterfly, the next two are an unidentified small green fly, and the last is a Long-tailed Skipper.


Lorena said...

Your brother will be out to help as often as you need him! Heck, you might even get tired of seeing him. ;p Wish that could be the case for me, too (the helping, not the getting tired of seeing your brother).

Anonymous said...

Let's see a photo of that cast! How nice that it's green to match your uniform! (Say hi to your brother for me.)