Wednesday, September 30, 2009


As I mentioned yesterday, I am using up a vacation day today. Here is some spill-over from yesterday's full day of snapshots.
This lovely little butterfly is a Skipper of some sort. I won't try to be any more specific than that because many of the Skippers (many, many!) are so similar.
Snake shed. I don't know who it belonged to, but the snake certainly picked a good place to shed. There were many rocks and plants to rub against to help the shed come off.
I believe that this plant is in the Clotbur family. Its prickly burs will stick to any person or animal that walks by in order to move its seeds around. A similar bur was the inspiration for Velcro!
I can't find a definite ID on this pretty yellow flower, though it may be in the Primrose family. While I was searching, I found an ID for another flower that I was not able to find previously. That seems to be happening often lately... serendipity!
Peaceful fall day!
This unassuming little butterfly is likely a White M Hairstreak. While the Hairstreaks, like the Skippers are numerous and similar, I had a few other clues that led me to this decision. The White M Hairstreak has a solitary orange spot and prefers open, brushy hilltops with Oak trees nearby. The location description fits perfectly, and one last piece of information really swayed me. When I was walking in this area, there were almost no butterflies around accept for these tiny brown butterflies that would rise from the ground like leaves taking flight as I shuffled along. Once, I caught a glimpse of the most brilliant blue color, but it flew away before I could focus my eyes on it, let-alone my camera. The description of the White Hairstreak states that it has iridescent blue on its upper-wings which you would only see in flight. This is my best guess, but the more research that I do, the more I doubt my decision. I have a long way to go before I am an expert on butterflies!
What a trooper! A little wooden structure won't stop this Morning Glory!

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