Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday Mulligrubs

Quite often on Mondays, you may have noticed, I use an M-word in the title with 'Monday'. A while ago, I found a web page that lists unusual words and they are grouped by their first letter. Most Mondays, I consult this list and find a fitting and unusual M-word. Today was a real winner! Not only does 'mulligrubs' perfectly describe the funk that I have been in all day, but it also makes me laugh just saying it and is a good start to alleviating my case of the mulligrubs! I found a good description of the word's origin here, for those interested.
My case of mulligrubs began this morning when my dog and cat were sleeping on top of me and I was having trouble keeping my arm comfortable. I got up early because I couldn't sleep and found that ants had invaded and they were trying to carry my house away. Ants are an unfortunate side-effect of living in a state park... well, living in Florida anyway. I cleaned up a few things and strategically placed ant bait around the house. I love most bugs, but ants, I hate!
I got to work early and decided to take a walk around the park after opening. The sun rise was really beautiful as the light poked through the trees wherever it could.
After my walk, I opened the cabin and found that the pocket door on the restroom had been inadvertently locked from the inside and then closed. The only way to open it from the outside is to remove the metal plate that covers the latch mechanism. With a tiny screwdriver and a lot of frustration and crankiness, I was able to pry open the cover and turn the lock. Then, I had to shove a pair of scissors into the latch to turn it so that the door would open. I got the door open, but because I had to pry the metal plate off, it was bent too much to fit back in place. I put it in a vice to straighten it out, but I needed to hammer it as well and I just couldn't with one hand. I relinquished the project to another worker.
I worked on the weekly paperwork for a while this morning and typed a To-do list for the other person working. It seemed silly to type a simple list like that, but typing is a lot faster and more legible than my left-hand scribble. As soon as the paperwork was done, I headed out for my usual Monday wanderings, which included a stop at the local hardware store for more ant removal products. When I got to Ichetucknee and dropped off my paperwork, I also picked up some supplies and made some photocopies of the brochure.
I picked up lunch on the way back to Troy and caught up on e-mail while I ate. After lunch, I went to the cabin and found that the door was repaired and a bird had come to visit. It was a Carolina Wren. They are very silly birds who are the likely culprits if a bird built a nest in your mailbox, flower pot, lawnmower, porch light, or other odd place. This bird was having a hard time understanding that it could not fly through the window. I opened a side door and guided the bird to the open door with a broom. It looked relieved when it flew away.
When my evening relief arrived, we took a field trip to Adams Tract. She did a very thorough job of cleaning the restrooms while I emptied garbage, checked the chlorine levels, and blew off the walkways. I realized that the hand-held blower at Adams Tract was much easier for me to use while I have a broken arm because of its light weight and more ergonomic design. I decided to borrow this blower until I have a volunteer at Adams Tract again. My left arm is grateful, I'm sure. As we were leaving Adams Tract, we stopped to admire some wildflowers are grasses that had newly bloomed. The majority of the 1 mile road to the tract was lined with alternating waves of the most delicate, purple False Foxglove and bold, yellow, unknown-to-me-right-now flowers. There were also patches of tall grasses that had gone to seed. They puffy tops of the grasses had a muted beauty of their own.
There was a breeze about, so it was hard to photograph the False Foxglove. I will have to try again on my next visit. I was able to catch a photo of a Buckeye Caterpillar as it munched on the stem though.
I can't find a name for this stunning plant yet, but its currently in bloom in every park that I visit on a regular basis, including my back yard. I will get back to you with the name.
Even grass can be pretty.

*****Edited To Add*****
This is my 100th post!!! Only 265 days to go. Thanks for everyone's continued support, keep telling your friends!


Cathy said...

Amy, for your ant problem I like Ortho Max Home Defense. It comes in a big jug with a sprayer, you use it all round the house, inside and out....good luck! Oh! my neighbor likes to draw a line in front of her door with chalk, ants can't walk across it, try it, kind of funny to watch..Congrats on 100 day! Cathy

Ranger Amy said...

I think that may be what I got. Whatever big sprayer jug it was, it worked! I got my house back from the evil ants. I am definately going to try the chalk line, that just sounds like a LOT of fun. Thanks Cath!

Anonymous said...

Happy 100th, Amy! Every blog has been a delight, and I've learned at least 3 new things every time. Wow, that must mean I'm at my 300th nature tidbit! Mom

Ranger Amy said...

Update: The lovely yellow flower is a Showy Rattlebox.