Thursday, October 1, 2009


Today was technically a day off, but because it was the first of the month, I had to complete monthly reports, pick up deposit slips from the bank, and take paperwork to Ichetucknee Springs. I went in, chatted with my co-worker and completed all of the reports. Many of them were partially completed earlier in the week and some just needed to be compiled, so it really didn't take long. I got to Ichetucknee just in time for birthday cake! We helped a co-worker over there celebrate his birthday. While I was out and about, I stopped by Adams Tract. I checked the restrooms and the garbage cans, nothing was in need of attention. I checked the chlorine levels at the well and headed out. I stopped along the way to take some more photos of this week's amazing wildflowers. It seems like there is always something new when I come by.
Here are some better photos of the delicate and lovely False Foxglove which were unfortunately missed on Monday.
Here is a more removed view of the False Foxglove. It seems like those giant purple flowers might just tumble off that tiny little stem. You can see the yellow, Showy Rattlebox in the background. Those giant seed pods may be the source of the "rattlebox" name. I am guessing that those seed pods will dry out over time and the seeds may rattle inside.
This beetle has found a nice place to sit, a lovely Black-eyed Susan.
This is another one of the lovely grasses currently going to seed along the road to Adams Tract. At first glance, its almost a brown haze of brush. When you look a little closer, the sun picks up the purplish-red tones.
I have never seen this shockingly gorgeous little flower before, but I loved it instantly. I came close to overlooking it because in its green bushiness, the tiny blue buds are easily missed. My new favorite flower is called a Forked Blue Curl.
Rough Blazing-star reminds me of Muppet hair.
I believe that this is a Blue Mistflower. I really need to train myself to photograph the whole plant or at least include the leaves for proper identification. I really only have a pretty shot on the brain, it seems.

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Anonymous said...

Forked blue curl - amazingly beautiful! And muppet hair - what a clever girl. On a cold dreary night, how wonderful to see these colorful, sunny bright wildflowers, all thanks to you, Amy.