Thursday, November 12, 2009


Today is my regularly scheduled first day off this week. I am still taking it easy, but I am pretty much over the horrible congestion that I had been experiencing. It has been cool out since the last storm came through, but while the sun was out this afternoon, I decided to take advantage of it. Here is what I discovered in my yard.
My froggy friends are still on the porch. The third wheel has made another appearance!
In my garden, there was not a lot of action. This grasshopper posed with a lovely yellow flower. It must have known how well the flower would bring out its highlights.
There were a few bees, lazily bouncing between the few flowers left in bloom.
I think that some of these flower seeds are just as pretty as the flowers themselves were.
Because the garden was so calm and quiet, I ventured out to the log pile which was in full sun. I thought that I might find some lizards basking in the sun. The Anoles were too quick for me and hid themselves between the logs before I could get any photos. This little fence lizard was rather brave. He waddled his fat little, tailless self back and forth and snatched up any little gnats and flies that had the misfortune to cross its path.
Disappointed with the lizard selection, I started digging into the decaying log pile in hopes of finding some interesting critter. I found slugs. They are interesting, but I don't know if they are exciting. I wondered why they were grouped together in small, medium, and large. They hatch from eggs which are buried in the ground, so this definitely isn't a family. One likely found a nice moist place that may have some tasty mold or fungus to eat. The others likely followed the slimy trail to get to the good stuff.

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