Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Sick Day

I started thinking about what I was going to blog today and it all sounded very familiar. I am grateful for all of the help that I have at the park these days. It is really nice to be able to stay home when I am sick and know that the park is in good hands. I went in for a little while this morning to open up, take care of paperwork, make my weekly visit to Adams Tract, fill up the gas cans, and then let a volunteer drive me home so that he can have my truck tomorrow. I will take tomorrow off as well as my regular Thursday and Friday off to try to keep my germs at home and give myself plenty of rest to hit the ground running when I get back to work Saturday.
Here are a couple of photos that I managed to get today. The first is from the garden in front of our entrance sign. The beautiful green plant is Coontie and I loved the way the unidentified-red-plant looked, entwined in the Coontie. The frogs are the ones that live on my front porch. They were happily active today because it was warm and humid from rain.

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