Sunday, November 8, 2009

Diver Day

Today was pretty much the exact opposite of yesterday. The park was busy and there were a lot of people, but I was not as busy. I was grateful for that because I wasn't feeling very well due to a sore throat. The day started out quiet enough, I opened up and started on paperwork. Soon, I heard a rumble that I recognized as a large vehicle. I looked out of my office window and saw a giant bus in the parking lot. When I walked to the picnic area, a dive instructor met me with the appropriate permit and an accurate count of her group. They proved to be a very organized group throughout their visit and I did little more with them than answer the occasional question about the park. They were the largest group in the park all day with 29 people in all, but it didn't seem that way because their visit was so well structured. As the large group finished up and began to get ready to leave, a steady trickle of small dive groups began.
I spent the day just strolling through the park, unclogging the toilet, checking in divers, seeing off the boy scouts, and chatting with visitors. It was a typical sunny Sunday, and here are the typical sunny day photos. I stumbled upon the tiniest little Anole who had already lost its tail once in its short little life so far.
There were a lot of Long Tailed Skippers who were very active throughout the sunny afternoon.
I also found several busy busy bees. This one is the only one that was still enough to catch with my camera.
There aren't many flowers still in bloom now, so I couldn't pass up this pretty little bundle.

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