Friday, February 12, 2010

Cold Rain

Today was my second day off.  I went to Gainesville to run some errands.  It rained all day.  We looked at the forecast on my fiance's phone this morning and aside from the usual green and yellow blobs on the satellite, there were also pink blobs.  The pink blobs were headed our way too.  We wondered what the pink blobs where, we looked at the key and found that pink meant snow.  Snow in Florida.  Snow in Florida when I have to be outside all day tomorrow.  Oh, I need to move further south.
I got a call while I was in Gainesville telling me that the person who was supposed to close the park tonight would not be able to make it in because of the weather.  I got home right around closing time and checked the park.  The day-long rain had brought some of our familiar puddles back.  I hope that they will recede before tomorrow.  I left a note for my coworkers, made a phone call and headed out with the umbrella to make sure that the faucets were dripping and ready for the freeze tonight.  They were!  I'm just not sure that I am ready for another freeze.

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