Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rain Check

There was rain in the forecast for today and it showed up at work shortly after I did.  Fortunately, it left early today and the sun had finally arrived when I was ready to leave.  We didn't need the rain though and this storm covered all of the sensitive areas north of us.  Needless to say, the river is continuing its rise.

I didn't get out to take many photos today, just the one from the cabin porch while I balanced an umbrella on my shoulder.  I spent the day indoors.  I made a little more progress on the cultural resource updates and got our files regarding them better organized.  I met with two of my coworkers and their supervisor from the Experience Works program.  Our volunteer compiled a list of supplies for me to pick up for the new restroom fan installation.  I answered and sent some e-mails.  I watched the rain fall.  That was my exciting day in a nutshell... a nutshell floating in a mud puddle.  I hope that I have something more interesting to share tomorrow.

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