Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pony Time

Its been a while, but I got to go riding again today.  We were getting ready for a full weekend of riding.  This weekend is when Olustee Battlefield State Park holds a reenactment of that battle.  It was the largest Civil War battle that took place in Florida.  It was a victory for the Confederates that kept the Union army from overtaking Tallahassee.  The actual battle was February 20, 1864 and every year in February, a reenactment is held.  The Cracker Horses participate in the parade on Saturday and will be at the event Saturday and Sunday.  Today, we went for a short ride because we haven't ridden in such a long time and we got our tack together for the parade.  The horses got new halters that are red, white and blue.  We adjusted them for our horses and put them in the horse trailers.  I am looking forward to the event and the parade, I just wish it was going to be warmer.

Before riding this morning, I got to Ichetucknee about 15 minutes earlier than I was supposed to meet my boss to go to the barn.  I went to the Take-out dock, to enjoy the view for a little while.  While I was there, I saw an Otter and an Egret.  I was not too quick with my camera though and I missed them both.  Here are some foggy views that I did capture though.  The water is high here too.  The Ichetucknee River flows into the Santa Fe River which flows into the Suwannee.  Because the Suwannee is flooded, all of the other rivers are backing up as well.  Usually, I can stand on the Take-out dock to photograph this part of the river, but you can just see the railing poking out of the water.

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