Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Appreciation

It was cold and windy today.  I could only stand to be outside for short periods of time.  After doing the paperwork, my coworker and I rearranged some picnic tables in the picnic area and then went inside to warm up.  We cleaned out the fire ring at the youth camping area and then went inside to warm up.  We also had to turn on the faucets to drip at the barn.  We are looking at twenty something degrees as a low tonight.  I did take one photo while I was outside of the Red-bud Tree that is trying its hardest to bud.

I cleaned algae off of the glass in the aquarium in the visitor center, and I showed my coworker how to do some of the reports that I usually take care of.  We did see one group of visitors today.  I talked to them while they toured the cabin.  In the afternoon, we had a break from the cold and wind.  We went to Ichetucknee Springs for a Valentine Luncheon.  The staff from Ichetucknee, Troy, and Adams Tract got together to celebrate each other.  Our managers put together a delicious lunch and beautiful decorations.  They also put together some thoughtful and funny gift bags and we enjoyed the afternoon together.

I headed home a little early when we returned from the luncheon.  I will be doing something work related tomorrow, so I had a little extra time to take.  When I got home, my fiance and I enjoyed the warmest part of the day at a disc golf course.

It was a challenging course, but it was still a nice time.  I even found some lovely little violets on the course.

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Linda said...

Lovely valentines. And how nice to see a beautiful spring violet - I can almost smell it! (Did I mention we got more snow?)