Saturday, February 6, 2010

Silent Saturday

The park was empty again today.  It was a little cool, windy, and cloudy this morning but it turned into a beautiful afternoon.  The park appeared to be in good shape during my drive around in the morning.  I did my paperwork and got caught up on e-mails next.  After that, I headed out for a walk.  I didn't expect to see much difference in the water.  It was still within a foot of where it was on Wednesday.  At 8am this morning, it had risen 0.01 feet since yesterday at 8am.  Throughout the day, it went up another 0.01 feet and then down 0.03 feet.  Its tiny, but the river did officially recede just slightly today.  Any rain in the coming week will surely send the level right back up again, but for now, its progress.

On my walk, I had my 10X macro lens attachment with me so I decided to revisit the Red-bud Trees that I looked at on Tuesday.  From a distance, the blooms just look like bright colored blobs.  Its as if the flowers are just leafy branches of pink leaves.  Up close, they are so intricately strange!

Near the Red-bud Trees, I noticed some new green shoots on a Groundsel  Tree.  I love all of these signs of spring.  It will help me get through the upcoming freezing nights in the forecast.

In the same area, I found a tiny little Violet well hidden beneath the grass.  The 10X macro really makes it look spectacular.  Have you ever looked so closely at a Violet?  First time for me.

On my way back to the office, I stopped to admire the work of my coworkers.  While I was off, they did some sprucing up of the parking lot.  The lines and parking stops got power washed and the ADA parking spot got some new blue paint.

I headed back to the office and spent some time working on ongoing projects.  It was a very quiet day.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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Linda said...

What a colorful group of photos today! I've admired red buds and violets for years, but never appreciated their beauty like I did by seeing your photos. Thanks, Amy!