Monday, February 1, 2010

The Mondays

Usually, Monday is in the middle of the workweek for me.  Usually, its mind-numbing, clumsy, forgetful, frustrating Monday powers do not effect me.  Today was not usual.  I was back from a four day weekend and Monday hit me like a bus.  It didn't help that I had three days of paperwork to do because of my days off, but I also had end of the week and end of the month paperwork to do.  It still isn't all done.  I got a call first thing this morning that the river flooding had reached action stage and we had to evacuate our volunteers from Adams Tract in case the road flooded and trapped them at the river camp.  Fortunately, that turned out to be a Monday mishap as well and we, in fact have five feet of leeway before that point.
The river is continuing to rise.  It is rising much more slowly, but all of the tributaries to the Suwannee north of the park are at or over their flood limits.  If there is no more rain north of us, the river will crest and begin to drop.  There is, however, rain in the forecast.  The water has turned another corner on the spring walkway.  Our beautiful, wood chip covered trail is inches away from being slowly devoured by the flood water.  The high bank on the far side of the spring has disappeared under the water.
When I finished the majority of my mountain of paperwork, I also went to Ichetucknee to drop off Mt. Paperwork and the trailer that I used to haul the buoys last week.  I got back, had lunch, and went back to the office.  I worked on my time sheet, returned two calls from visitors, verified that all of my coworkers time sheets had been received, sold two t-shirts to visitors (actual visitors!!), watched one whole week of my time sheet vanish before my eyes, took a camping reservation for a group of scouts, re-did that week of my time sheet, talked to my coworkers, and gave up on my time sheet.  I am looking forward to Tuesday!

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Understanding Alice said...

yeah I hate paperwork as much as you do...