Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

Today was a nice, restful day off.  Its nice to have a co-worker and a holiday off.  I got my haircut in the morning and found that my hair will be used to help with clean-up efforts in the Gulf oil spill.  Soak up lots of oil, little hair clippings, work hard!  The rest of my day was a leisurely day at home.  It was a nice day.  I did not get out to take any photos today though.  It was cloudy all morning but waited until late afternoon/early evening to actually rain.
In honor of the Gopher Tortoise naming poll coming to a close, here are some previously taken photos.  Introducing the Tortoise formerly known as Neighbor with her new elected name, Bonita Tortuga.  Some have also requested permission to tack on an additional last name of Turkleton.  Making her a very official sounding, Bonita T. Turkleton.  Ella es una tortuga muy bonita!

Thought of the Day #24
My dog, Dozer goes crazy when Bonita is out and about in the yard.  He is very interested by her burrow, but we don't let him get close to it.  When he sees her walking around in the yard, Dozer cries at the back door.  I think that the Tortoise looks a lot like Dozer's toy basketball which also lives in the yard, only this one moves on its own.  He wants to pounce poor Bonita so badly.  She was out picnicking today, but everytime I went out on the porch to try to get a photo, the dog would get excited to go out and Bonita made a quick get away to her burrow.

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