Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend Day 2

Today went just as smoothly as it did yesterday.  It was a little unnerving.  The day started out very slowly.  I had time to enjoy the morning sun a little bit.

I had time to drive through the park and reattach the volleyball net that was laying on the ground.  When I made it back to the ranger station, I was expecting a line of people.  There wasn't one.  We also didn't have many campers checking in today.  The phone didn't ring nearly as much as it usually does.  I folded some brochures while I manned the phone and we just waited for the crowds.  The park filled up so slowly, but we did finally close shortly after 11:30am.  Once we closed, I turned away about six cars without any questions or problems, and then the park drive was empty.  It was possibly the quietest Sunday that I have seen since we started getting busy on the weekends.  It was just strange.  There were a few busy periods where we were turning away more cars, but people left without any hassle.  By 2:30, it started to rain and overcrowding was no longer an issue.
With the park visitors steadily leaving, I headed over to the office to make some copies so that the ranger station would be stocked for tomorrow.  When I returned to the ranger station, I stuck around to answer the phones for a while and help out as I could.  Later we had a phone call that the Wi-Fi was down in the campground so I went out to work on rebooting it.  The burn zone from the 14th was looking beautiful.  All of the recent rain was causing the Wiregrass to grow up in a hurry.  A burn zone looks so nice when it starts to get green and fuzzy.

After working on getting the Wi-Fi up and running, I ran one last errand before heading home for the day.  The rest of the night was pretty uneventful aside from one group who wanted to fish late into the night and had to be convinced to go because the park had closed.  I felt bad for the ranger who stayed late to deal with them.  Shortly after 9:30pm though, I got a call at home telling me that there was no toilet paper in the restroom at the campground.  It must have been overlooked because the other three restrooms in the campground area were well stocked.  Late night visits to the campground aren't fun, but I would rather fill toilet paper than have the problems that usually arise from a busy holiday weekend.  It really wasn't bad, and now I have two days off ahead of me.

Thought of the Day #25
What did you do/are you doing for the Memorial Day Weekend?  Did you picnic or enjoy some outside time?

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