Saturday, June 5, 2010

Super Saturday

I am off this weekend and loving it!  I was ready for some peace and quiet.  I had a day at home, alone, doing a whole lot of nothing!  I did get out to take some photos though.  I actually dreamed about taking photos last night.  In my dream, I came across a small body of water that had turned red from a setting sun.  I was trying to photograph some young, awkward birds who were perched together on a branch above the water.  The white birds were pink from the setting sun also.  I was just about to get my shot when a ringing phone woke me from my wonderful dream.  I did have some fun this evening taking pictures, but it was between rainstorms and there was no beautiful, red sunset.
 I wasn't two steps out the door when I saw a Dragon Fly right away.  They are becoming the blog mascot lately.  Their reflective eyes and giant mouths always make them look full of personality.

My next stop was at the still unidentified plant that I photographed on Thursday.  There were even more blooms today.  There have been ants all over the buds and blooms on this plant every time I have seen it.  There must be something about it that the ants like.

I also revisited the Beauty Berry Bush that had started to bloom.  It was COVERED in blooms today.  They are such lovely and delicate little flowers, I decided to get even closer today with the macro lens.

The Aloe right next to it had dropped all of its flowers.  The remaining stalk was kind of cool looking.  I think I like the bare stalk better than the way the flowers looked the last time that I saw them.

My last discoveries were of the fungal variety.  There have been a lot of mushrooms springing up around my yard thanks to all of the rain that we have had in recent days.  Mushrooms are so much fun to observe because of all the variety.  They come in different shapes and sizes and colors that are always amazing.  I especially love how quickly they spring up and disturb the sand and ground cover.  The first mushroom is wearing a top hat of sand that must have been on top of the mushroom when it started to grow.

Thought of the Day #19
I enjoy watching the same plants several times a week.  Its neat to observe all of the changes that they go through.  Its funny to me how some plants will be covered in flowers and then completely bare, like the Aloe.  Other plants like the Coral Honeysuckle in my yard will just bloom and bloom and bloom.  The flowers last for quite a while and there are so many individual blossoms all over the plant that continue to spring up.

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