Sunday, February 14, 2010

Battle of Olustee Part II

Today was our second day at the reenactment with the Cracker Horses.  Today was much more relaxed.  We didn't have to go to a parade and get back in time for the battle.  I was able to head to work at the normal time and make sure that all was well there.  The river is still rising ever so slightly.  The park still has very few visitors.  There was frost on the buoys again this morning.  Cold and flooded is just a cruel combination.  Where are you spring-time?

I left Troy shortly after 8am and headed to Ichetucknee to meet my boss.  Again, we traveled together to San Felasco and loaded the horses.  One horse was not interested in getting in to the trailer, but we managed to work through it.  We arrived at the battlefield and had plenty of time to eat lunch and leisurely tack up the horses.  The horses wore different 'outfits' today.  They were in their nicest park service blanket and all leather tack.  I'm sorry, I only remembered to take Amigo's picture after I had begun removing all of his tack at the end of the day so his bridle was already off.  It was much warmer by the afternoon, so we didn't have to wear our coats, I think we looked much nicer in just our uniforms.

We helped patrol the sides of the field as we did yesterday.  We also marched out in front of the audience in the beginning when they talked about the mounted patrol on park lands.  The horses did such an amazing job.  They marched in line and behaved while walking so nicely together.  They really made us proud.  I was also very impressed that the horses didn't mind the cannons.  I have been riding Amigo when he spooked at leaves, birds, deer, flagging tape, shiny things, metal, picnic tables, flags... you get the idea.  They love these events though.  The cannon fire didn't faze them a bit.  At the end of the battle, all of the re-enactors lined up and fired their rifles at the same time.  (I was preparing myself for the horse to jump so I didn't try to take a photo).  He just took another mouthful of the nearest plant and stomped his foot.  Amigo also LOVED it when visitors came up to him to pet him.  He impressed so many people by nodding his head when they gave him a rub on his nose.  They didn't know he was just using them as scratching posts.  Everyone was happy.  A few people even remembered Amigo and the other horses from year's past.

It was a great day and I was so busy enjoying it that I didn't take as many photos as I did yesterday.  I did get a few of the Confederate Troops marching past the area where we were getting the horses ready.  They were victorious in the Battle of Olustee, so it is only right that they get more face time.

It was a great weekend.  The horses were relieved to head out to pasture though and we were all relieved to be headed home. I made it home before it was totally dark today, so I was happy.  I am remembering how sore you can get from riding a horse all weekend long though.

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Linda said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Amy. And because Amigo behaved, you were not among the battle wounded - a good thing!