Thursday, February 18, 2010

Day Off Detour

I was off today and glad to have some time at home to get some things done.  In the early afternoon, I did have to go over to the park to meet with a District Biologist to go over some areas of the park as she is working on updating out management plan.  We discussed the cultural resource sites around Troy and I showed her all of the areas where we have had problems with exotic and invasive plants.  We looked at an area that could be restored from the grass-covered pastureland that it has been recently to the Sandhill that it would be without human impact.  There are already some Longleaf Pines and even some Gopher Tortoises, but several hardwoods and exotic grasses would have to be removed.  Native grasses would have to be reintroduced as well, along with a fire regime.
While we were out walking, I spotted some new blooms.  They were on a shrubby tree that was about as tall as I am.  The biologist told me its scientific name, but I wasn't able to find a common name.  It is in the same family as a Blueberry Bush and the Sparkleberry.  Each tiny flower is about the size of my pinky fingernail.  They are pink just before opening into a beautiful, white, long, bell shape.

I also took a look at the water level while I was there.  It is still inching upward, but still very slowly.  We remain in the 24 foot range that we have been in for the past fifteen days.

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