Monday, February 15, 2010

Half Monday

Today went by rather quickly.  I worked so much overtime this weekend with the horses and the battle, that I took a half day to try to make up for it. In the morning, I got caught up on paperwork and e-mails before heading out for a walk.  The park looks the same.  The water level is still creeping upward, very slowly.  We are just over 24 1/2 feet above sea level.  Do you remember what 9 feet above sea level looked like?  Its getting harder and harder to picture the water low.

After my walk, our volunteer and I headed out to Ichetucknee.  I made some copies and checked in with the staff over there.  Next, we headed to Lake City.  We went to a hardware store to get some supplies for various projects.  We bought some faucets to replace some old leaky ones.  We picked up supplies for the new exhaust fan installation at the restroom.  I am really looking forward to getting that project done.  The old fans didn't work well and we ended up with mold on the ceiling.  As soon as the fans are in, we can clean and repaint.  I can't wait for the restrooms to look new again.

When we returned from Lake City and got our new purchases put away, I sent an e-mail, talked to the evening park closer and headed home for the day.

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