Friday, February 19, 2010


Today was another day off.  It was great to have some down time.  We did make time for 18 holes of disc golf this afternoon though.  I brought my camera with me when we played, but I just wasn't feeling visually inspired.  I didn't take any photos.  My photographic eye and I are ready for spring.  I won't let you down though.  Here are some leftover photos from the prescribed burn on Tuesday.

I also did some searching online for news coverage of the Olustee Battle from last weekend.  I noticed a Jacksonville news photographer at the parade and the battle, and I found that all of his wonderful photos are available for viewing online.  If you are curious to see more from those events, he was able to document it so much better than I was able to from the back of a horse.  There are even some images of me here and there.


Linda said...

Dad really liked the fire photos. (I was much happier about the photos of our favorite ranger!)

jen said...

chrome, fire hoses, and trees. Thats a perfect combination!

Anonymous said...

When I clicked the links, it took me to a menu for something, but no pictures :(

Ranger Amy said...

The links still seem to be working for me, but I noticed that they do load very slowly. If you are still having trouble, try going to directly and searching for Olustee Photos.