Thursday, March 11, 2010

Last Packing Day

I'm entering the final stretch now.  Today is my last day to pack.  I called the moving truck company to confirm my rental for tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be the day to load the truck and my new experience starts Saturday.  Tomorrow is not only my last full day at Troy Springs, but it is the start of the final 100 days of this blog.  I have really enjoyed the blogging experience and I have already been told that I must continue... or else.  I don't think that I will continue to blog daily after the 365 Days are up, but you will probably hear from me still.  So, when we begin the countdown, what do you want to see 100 of?  100 plants at Wekiwa?  100 ways that Wekiwa is different from Troy?  100 ways that being an assistant manager is different from being a ranger?  What's on your mind?  What do you want to know 100 times more about?
While you think of some ideas, I will tell you about my day.  I talked to my new park manager this morning.  He told me that my house was ready for me and I told him when I would be there.  I also saw my current assistant manager and manger.  They came to do a walk-through of the house.  My dog, Dozer gave them the full tour and even performed for a treat.  They also took me out to lunch.  We had a nice time and left fully stuffed.  I will really miss their company but I'm sure that I will see them again.  As they pointed out, I'm not leaving one family and gaining another, I'm just getting a bigger family.  I have really found that to be true of the Florida Park Service.
When I returned home, I got back to work.  I called the electric company and scheduled our disconnection.  I called the cable company and got some freebies for moving with the same cable company.  I also called the internet company to cancel service.  There is another trip to the park office in my immediate future and a bit more packing.  Tomorrow, I will blog as usual and then schedule posts for Saturday and Sunday as I don't think I will have internet service again until Monday.  Enjoy a few more photos from yesterday's burn and be sure to post your ideas for the final 100 days in the comments.

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Heidi H said...

I would like to see 100 cool things at Wekiwa, the more colorful the better. Mom wants to see 100 bears.