Friday, March 12, 2010

Loading Day

Today is the day.  We picked up the moving truck and began to condense our entire home into a 24 foot rectangle.  Its a pretty big space, but I'm sure we will use quite a bit of it.

Today is the day that the animals began to panic and had to be sent to their rooms.  We were pretty well prepared and most of the house was already boxed up.  The restrooms are completely cleaned and empty of stuff.  The two spare bedrooms are empty.  The kitchen is empty aside from a stack of paper plates and plastic cups and last minute food items.  All of the kitchen cabinets and drawers are empty and clean.  I needed to hurry up and blog so that we can pack the computer and desk.  We are going to get the truck fully packed tonight aside from the bed and fish tanks which we will leave for the morning.  Once the last minute items are packed in the morning, I will clean the floors and we will be on our way.
I will delay the 100 day decision until Monday to give you all a chance to give some input.  So it will be 365+ Days Through The Eyes of A Park Ranger... you don't mind, do you?  I will blog a full 100 days at Wekiwa.  I will add a poll on the front page of the blog until Monday evening.  If you have an idea other than the choices on the poll, just add a comment.


Understanding Alice said...

I would love it if you keep blogging, i have really enjoyed both your writing and photographs - there would be such a hole in the blogosphere without you!

Linda said...

I agree!

Anonymous said...

Me, too! Please keep blogging. Love, Aunt Gay