Sunday, March 7, 2010

No Fun

Today included exactly nothing fun.  I did things that I needed to do today rather than things that I wanted to do.  It started with not sleeping in, cleaning the kitchen, and getting dinner started in the crockpot.  While I waited for the sun to do its job outside, I finally got the new thermostat installed.

When that project was done, I packed some more boxes.  We are really doing pretty well.  Two of our three bedrooms are completely boxed up.  That may sound bigger than it is because one room is the dog's room and it didn't really have anything in it.  The other room was the guest room, but it had a lot of books and collectibles in it.  That one took a while.  Our main closet and the guest bathroom are all packed up as well.  We really are making good progress.  There is so much that we can't pack yet because we still need to live here for another five days.

When I had filled what I deemed to be enough boxes for the day, I headed outside to work on the exterior of the house.  It was nice and warm and a great day for pressure washing.  It started out a little frustrating when I tried to remove the handle of the pressure washer from where it was wedged in the base.  It was stuck and I had to pull with all my might.  When it finally gave way, it punched me right in the lower lip.  That's right, I gave myself a fat lip with a pressure washer.  It wasn't my day.  I did make it the whole way around the house and got all of the cement areas as well.  I even got the back porch.  The back porch gets very dusty because our yard is a giant sand pit with a little grass on top.  That is also where the dog yard is located.  When a 130 lbs Great Dane with webbed feet runs as fast as he can back and forth, it kicks up a lot of that sand and it all seems to settle on the porch.  I couldn't believe the view when I cleaned the screens of the porch.  I forgot that it was possible to see through them so well.

With the house shining brightly (aside from a little very stubborn Florida fungus or mold in varying shades of orange, green and black) I began to put away my mess.  It always amazes me how dirty things can get when cleaning.  I pressure washed the pressure washer before turning it off, it was covered in mud.  I loaded everything back in the truck to take with me to work tomorrow and then I headed inside to clean myself up.  I was covered in pressure washer splatter and mud.  When I got inside, I felt like I had just ran a marathon.  I didn't realize how tired I was until I sat down.  I also got myself a nice big glass of ice water that soothed my fat lip.  I am really looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.  My day off was exhausting.

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