Monday, March 8, 2010

Last Troy Monday

Today was my last Monday at this park.  Next week at this time, I will be blogging about my first day as an Assistant Park Manager at Wekiwa Springs.  I don't think that it has really all sunk in yet.  I had a pretty normal Monday.  I didn't do the paperwork though.  I saw with my coworker while he did it to make sure that he had all of the details that he needed to do the weekly paperwork until my replacement takes over.  When that was complete, I headed out on my Monday errands.
I said good bye to my favorite bank ladies.  I headed to Ichetucknee to drop off paperwork for the last time.  While I was there, I chatted with my manager and the administrative assistant.  I met with our biologist to discuss my input on our statement for interpretation at Troy.  I also said good bye to a couple of the rangers that I have worked with since I first started at Ichetucknee Springs 4 1/2 years ago.  I am really going to miss this group of people.  They have all been a pleasure to work with.
When I left Ichetucknee, I headed to Live Oak.  I had to pick up chlorine for water treatment and some other supplies for Adams Tract.  The errands went relatively quickly, I spent more time driving from place to place than I did actually shopping.  I had lunch on the road and got to Adams Tract in the mid afternoon.  I added the chlorine to the barrel at the well and added the appropriate amount of water.  I primed the pump and that was that.  I had some supervisors watching my work.  Its nice to see the little Anoles out again.  Its finally warm enough for them.

When I was done with the chlorinator, I gave the supplies that I picked up to the volunteer and chatted with him for a bit.  While we were talking, I noticed that the Pear trees where blooming.  They were beautiful!

I left Adams Tract and finally headed back to Troy.  I talked to my coworkers there and enjoyed some of the beautiful day.  It was nice enough for short sleeves today!

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