Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Last Troy Tuesday

Today was a pretty quiet day.  I kept busy, but it wasn't stressful.  I opened the park and it was a little bit drizzly.  It stayed that way for most of the day.  I did the paperwork and then headed over to the cabin for a little while.  I had to adjust the timer on the fish tank lights.  I also cleaned the glass and rinsed the filters one more time.  While I was there, I put up a new project in the cabin.  It was a little late, but I don't think any visitors noticed... we haven't had many visitors.  I love frogs, so I had to leave on a froggy note with frog puppets! 

When I left the cabin, it wasn't raining so I took a quick walk around to see the sights.  The Japanese Magnolias behind the cabin are really coming into full bloom now.  They are so beautiful.  They didn't bloom last year because of the timing of the freezes, so it is extra special this time.  I even found a few of its fresh new leaves sprouting.

The water is still going down.  Its slow but steady, and there is definite progress.  In just a few more days, the path to the river dock should be passable again.

When I was done with everything at Troy, I headed over to Adams Tract.  I talked to the volunteer and gave him some informational signs that I had made.  He hung them and we collected the garbage from around the camp to load into my truck.  I took the water samples, put them on ice and headed to Lake City.  I dropped the samples off at the Environmental Health Department and then headed back towards Troy.
Back at the park, I went through all of the computer files to make sure that they were organized and there were no extra files that weren't needed.  I then uploaded all of the files to a common server so that my replacement will be able to access them with their computer account.  Tomorrow, I will tackle the photos files.  There are much more of them, so I will copy them to CD which will take much less time than uploading to the server.  I continued to tie up the last of the loose ends and added a little more to the information that I am leaving for my replacement.  Before I knew it, it was 5:00.  I then headed home to really get to work.  We now have at least 50 boxes stacked and organized and ready to go.  The non-essential furniture is also stacked and ready.  I think all that is left to pack is 3/4 of the kitchen, some of our clothing,  our bathroom closet, and the fish tanks.  We are in good shape and staying with our plan.  We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

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Linda said...

Amy, as usual, I've loved the flower photos. The magnolias make me think of your tree, of course. Monday's pear blossoms were bright and beautiful, and all of them made me think of spring. I've walked our "park" every day after work this week now that it's light enough. On the weekend O & A helped me find signs of spring, and they did a good job. Today Dad and I did the same. You seem to be savoring every "last" day at Troy, in full appreciation of what you've had, what you've learned, who you've known. Good.
Blessings everywhere.