Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Is Springing

It was another exciting day in the office today.  I think I have most of my loose ends all tied up.  I even packed up the books and decorative things that belonged to me in my office.  I could not leave without my frog stapler!  I worked on transferring photo files to make them accessible to anyone who might need them.  I also organized some other files and cleaned out the "do something with this soon" pile on my desk.  I got a few more calls and e-mails from people who heard that I was leaving.  The advertisement posted for my current position today.  I even called a very loyal boy scout troop who has done a lot of  volunteer work at the park to let them know that I was leaving and told them to be sure to call my replacement to introduce themselves.
I had planned to spend some time in the office and then take a break to head to Lake City to pick up water sampling bottles for Adams Tract.  I also had some supplies to drop off at Adams Tract, so I planned an excursion there as well.  My plans were foiled, but it was a good thing.  Our volunteer had an appointment in Lake City and asked if I needed anything.  I asked him to pick up the bottles so I didn't need to go to Lake City.  I was glad that I didn't have to make that big trip but I still had a chance to get out of the office to go to Adams Tract... then the Adams Tract volunteer called.  He was on his way to Troy so I didn't get to leave at all.  I was able to take care of everything that I needed to and then some.  I did get out for a walk in the afternoon.  I told you I would take more photos today.  The water is still receding and the budding flowers that I have been stalking are finally making some progress.

Japanese Magnolia



Yellow Jessamine


Anonymous said...

I was wondering how much you have to pay for housing while living in troy springs state park. Do you pay rent? utilities? etc. Thanks for the info. good luck with the new job.

Ranger Amy said...

Thanks for the question. Living in the park is a requirement of my job. It is beneficial to have someone living in the park to provide site security as well as to be close if there are any problems. Because it is a requirement, I do not have to pay any rent but I am responsible for my utility bills. At my current location, I only pay for electric, internet and cable. We have well water.

Linda said...

My, those spring flowers look nice! (And I'm glad your frog is going with you to your new park.)